Thanksgiving I Spy Games for Kids

Thanksgiving is a special holiday filled with family traditions, gratitude and activities that activate all the senses.  Often, there is much preparation for this special holiday, especially if you’re hosting. There are lists to make, shopping to do, a meal to prepare and so on. This set of Thanksgiving I Spy games for kids is an engaging activity pack that will keep your child occupied while you’re doing all the things to prepare for this special occasion.

Thanksgiving I Spy Games for Kids

Whatever setting you’re in, these printables are an easy prep, mess-free activity that gives your child counting and sorting practice. There are many different ways to use these printable I-Spy games:

  • Homeschool parents use these activity pages to keep younger ones (not yet immersed in studies) independently engaged.
  • Teachers use these worksheets for fast finisher activities, classroom holiday celebrations or to send home with other fun activity pages as a packet to do over Thanksgiving break.
  • Parents use these fun printables during quiet time play. Combine this set with other Thanksgiving activity printables to create a fun pack to leave home for your kiddo to do while you go shopping on Black Friday. 😉

These I Spy games can be a fun activity everyone can do together. Make it a race with the whole family or classroom! Print out one of the same sheets for everyone. Set a timer for 30 seconds. Whoever can sort and count the fastest wins! The winner gets gets to do a celebratory turkey dance!

Thanksgiving I Spy Games for Kids

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