Patriotic Hidden Picture Printables for Kids

This time of year the Star Spangled Banner rings through the air on nearly every corner of America! Baseball games, summer parades and backyard barbecues are just a few places we come together to celebrate our country! And just in time for Independence Day, we are sharing these brand new Patriotic Hidden Pictures printable pages! Add some fun as you introduce your children to the celebration of America’s independence, while helping identify and match shapes. These hunt and find pages also provide great practice for coloring and paying attention to detail.  Print multiple sheets for your kids to share with their friends during your evening or weekend activities. Use these printable tools while talking about the Statue of Liberty, Betsy Ross, the 4th of July and learning the Pledge of Allegiance. These free pages are also great resources during Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day, Labor Day or other national and patriotic holidays celebrated. Your kids will have so much fun discovering more about patriotism and why we celebrate these important holidays.

Patriotic Hidden Pictures Printable Pages

We have more puzzles like this in our PDF Hidden Pictures for Kids bundle!

Patriotic Hidden Pictures Printables for Kids

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