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Since our football coloring pages have proven to be a hit, now that it is winter, here are some hockey coloring pages to add to our sports activities!

Many kids will tell you that the best part of winter is the fun sports and activities it brings with it.  From skiing and snowboarding to sledding down the neighborhood hill at breakneck speeds, it’s amazing all the ways they find to amuse themselves when the weather is cold and snowy.  Sometimes, however, you just need a day indoors, and these hockey coloring pages are a great way to provide some distraction when it’s just too darn cold to send them outside!

There’s something special about “hockey families.”  They seem to really, really get into the sport.  For some, that means gathering around the TV to watch their favorite NHL team play, hopefully making their way to the Stanley Cup.  Other families spend any time they can on the ice, passing the puck and sharpening their skills.  Plenty of parents spend their weekends in the stands trying to keep warm while cheering for their kids.

These hockey coloring pages can be a fun way for younger siblings to get involved or to give them something fun to do while hanging out at during Big Brother or Sister’s practices and scrimmages, too.  Print off a batch of them to take to the rink with a handful of crayons or markers, and you’ll probably find that your littlest kiddos aren’t the only ones whose eyes light up at the idea of having an activity to do.  Easy, peasy, right? Just make sure they know to share so they don’t end up in the penalty box!

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