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Growing up in Chicago, it’s really, really hard to escape exposure to sports in any way, shape or form. In the summer, the Cubs were always on in the background. The Bulls were all the rage in my 20’s, back in the days of Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman. These days, our family weekend plans revolve around when the Bears game will be on.

These football coloring pages can be used in a lot of different ways.  For example, they’re a nice supplement to a PE program.  Students can take these with them or they can color in class while the teacher goes over the rules of the game.

If you’re into hosting a Superbowl party, having a bunch of these football coloring pages printed out and available to your guests’ kids can offer a great way to make the younger party goers feel included.  You could set out a low table with a stack of coloring pages, a basket of crayons, and a few kid-friendly snacks.  In fact, who needs a Superbowl party for that?  It sounds like a great way to help keep the kids distracted on any old game night!


If you’re feeling really ambitious or need a more in-depth project to keep the little ones busy, you might also like these Football kids crafts, too!  Between the crafts and the coloring pages, you’ll have a great start to a football-themed birthday party for the aspiring athlete in your family.  Hang up some streamers in your team’s colors, serve up some Gatorade, and put together a little flag football game in the back yard!  Don’t forget to hit up the Dollar Store for inexpensive football-themed party favors and gifts to send home in goody bags.

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