Winter Adult Coloring Pages

Coloring with my kiddos has become one of my favorite activities to do with them during quiet time. It is especially a relaxing time to de-stress and unwind during these colder months. Don’t get me wrong, we love being outdoors, playing in the snow, sledding and building snow fortresses. But nothing beats coming back inside to a cozy setting where we can just take it easy together. It has become somewhat of a tradition for the girls and me. We brew a pot of tea, stoke the fireplace, turn on some peaceful music, light a candle, cozy up together in front of the fire and color. These winter adult coloring pages will be perfect for just the setting!

Since we started social distancing last spring, we have become much more intentional about carving our time out as a family. We have also had to create new boundaries in order to respect one another’s personal time, as it hasn’t been as easy to escape one another’s company. We’ve all found that using our personal time in a creative way is so rewarding for our minds and spirits. Coloring is just one example of a simple creative outlet that you can indulge in weekly. All you need is paper and your favorite pens or pencils and you’re well on your way to serenity.

Winter Adult Coloring Pages

Download 160+ pages of engaging winter activities all at once here.

Pair this set of adult coloring pages with our winter color by numbers for your younger children or these winter grid coloring worksheets for your older ones.

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