Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Coloring Pages

We’ve consolidated some of our coloring page posts to make thing easier to find around here. These winter, spring, summer and fall coloring page sets used to be scattered around on several different sites and different pages. Now they are all together right here! Yay for simplifying things!

4 seasons coloring pages for kids

Winter Coloring Pages

I’m looking out my window today at our first snow of the year. So today is a good day to put together a new set of winter coloring pages! These are purely winter coloring page of snow, ice and winter sports!

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Spring Coloring Pages

This week it has been so nice outside that none of us can get spring out of our heads. My kids ask every day to walk home from school. My teenager keeps trying to sneak out of the house without a coat (it’s still in the 40’s in the mornings!!). And my dog is very grateful for all the walks we have been taking.

Then we’re watching the news last night and it’s supposed to snow on Saturday. Ahhh – I knew this was all only a dream!

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Summer Coloring Pages

Summer is my favorite time of the year, so I work extra hard during the week to make sure I get Fridays off in the warm weather to play with my kids! Going to the beach is one of their favorite things to do, although most of them can’t handle that much sun and they burn to a crisp. My youngest daughter especially loves these summer beach coloring pages. Dolphins are a big hit around here, plus she’s a stuffed animal freak – so the sunbathing teddy bears get printed and colored more than once!

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Fall Coloring Pages

As much as I love summer, I am always happy when fall comes. It is my most creative and ‘domestic’ time of year, when I break out the knitting needles, sewing machine, paints and papers and let loose! This year I’m kicking off fall with a new embroidery sewing machine – I’ll be lucky if I get *any* blogging done with this new toy around!

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