Exercise & Yoga Printables for Kids

It is never too early to teach our kids about exercise and healthy routines. Finding time to be intentional about moving our bodies can sometimes be daunting. But teaching our children the importance of healthy habits may inspire us to get moving more too. These exercise and yoga printables for kids will help you get started in establishing new and fun physical routines for your kiddos.

Exercise & Yoga Printables for Kids

Talk to them about how important being active is for their bodies and minds. This is a great time to talk about nutrition too. Engage your child by asking about the healthy choices they prefer. Do you have a dancer, a soccer player, a runner, a climber? What are their favorite healthy foods?

Exercise & Yoga Printables for Kids

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Use these flashcards to create a fun and energizing activity time. This is a fabulous way to introduce your toddlers to exercise movements. Print them on cardstock and cut out each card. (You can even laminate them for longevity.) Shuffle the cards and have your youngster draw a card to get their body moving! You will find it to be a great exercise for you too! Moving with your child can be such a positive experience for both of you, resulting in energy and renewal.

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