Positive Sayings Adult Coloring Pages

Yesterday I had a conversation with our families’ wise piano teacher. I was having a pretty dippy day and was struggling with a negative attitude. He lovingly reminded me that I needed to pause and find my internal peace.  YEP! That was just what I needed to hear in order to nurture a more positive mind set. But I first needed to identify my “stinking thinking.” Within minutes, I realized I was in a place of self pity and was able to put onto paper three things I was most grateful for and the shift transformed my day. Created with beautiful intricacy, these positive sayings adult coloring pages will surely help you focus on the bright side of things.

Positive Sayings Adult Coloring Pages

Mindfully reinforcing positive affirmations is powerful. Maybe you’re struggling with the feeling of inadequacy. (I know as a parent I can definitely feel ill equipped at time.) Reach for the coloring page that says: “You Are So Worthy.” Need an additional push to get you out the door for your daily walk? Maybe coloring “Stronger Than Yesterday” and posting it to your bathroom mirror will help motivate you to get moving.

Ultimately, these lovely coloring pages are also just so much fun to do! Grab your favorite colored pens or pencils and enjoy some YOU time.

Positive Sayings Adult Coloring Pages

Do you bullet journal? If so or you’re interested in starting, check out these BUJO mood tracker printables. They are great tools to help track and identify mood cycles. Another way to help become more aware of mental shifts that need to be made.

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