BUJO Mood Tracker Printables

The way we feel impacts the way we think. And our thoughts determine our actions, which create our experiences, ultimately influencing our feelings. WHEW!!! That’s a lot, isn’t it? Here are 12 darling BUJO (bullet journal) mood tracker printables to help get you in the habit of tracking your feelings and emotions. Each page contains a color key that represents your moods throughout the month. Customize your key with your favorite color schemes and watch your mood tracker come to life throughout the month.

BUJO Mood Tracker Printables

Sometimes it can be very challenging to manage our moods. Mood journals and logs are such helpful tools in tracking, reflecting upon and understanding the patterns of our emotions. They also help us identify situations, events and triggers that affect our moods, revealing the possible causes for the waves of emotions that we can experience. Being equipped with this information, we have a new level of awareness. This can spark change to creating new healthy habits with a long term positive effect on our mental well being.

I don’t know what it is about motherhood, but my memory often isn’t what it used to be. (Or could it possibly be that I’m also in my forties?) I have always kept a journal, but I just started bullet journaling this year. Tracking tools like these remove the problem of memory recall, which is so helpful in my life. BUJO is a simple organizational practice that helps you keep track of everything in your busy life. My hope is that you also embrace this life hack and find these mood trackers helpful.

Bullet Journal BUJO Mood Tracker Printables

This set coordinates beautifully with our bullet journal habit trackers for teens.

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