DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree

DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree

There’s nothing like making your own Christmas decorations! This DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree is easy and quick to make, but leaves a big impression. Here’s how to make it!

DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree



  • Paper Crafting Cone.
  • Ribbon. For a small cone, you’ll need at least 8 yards total. Here I used 5/8 inch ribbon, but any width will work.
  • Hot glue gun. Standard craft glue will also work, but it takes much longer to dry.
  • Scissors.


Start by cutting your ribbon into pieces that will loop nicely. For this 5/8 inch ribbon, a 3 inch piece makes a great loop. I used two different ribbons, but one was double sided, and I used both sides so I had three ribbon patterns all together. Feel free to experiment. You can make your tree entirely out of one color, or use a whole variety of ribbon colors and styles. Just try to keep them the same width for a nice, clean finish.


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To make a loop, place a dot of glue on one end of your ribbon, on the side you want to be visible. Then twist the other end around and on top of the glue. If you’ve ever made a cause ribbon, it’s the same motion. Only the “pretty” side of the ribbon should be showing. Then flip the loop over and put a dot of glue on the back. Glue the loop to the cone so that the rounded part of the loop just touches a flat surface when the cone is set down.


Keep making loops, gluing them down in a pattern that you like, keeping the edges of the loops touching. Once the base of the cone is fully covered, you can start the second row. Test to see how high or low you should place the loop for the next row before gluing it down. Make sure to place it between two of the base row loops. Once you get the second row down, the rest is a piece of cake! Just keep making loops and gluing them down as you go up the cone.


When you get closer to the top of the cone, you’ll need fewer loops per row. This may mess up your pattern a little, but just work with it and do what you think looks best. When I got near the top I ran out of one of my ribbon colors, but I just kept going with the snowflake ribbon, and I love how it turned out. By the time you’re at the top, you should only need two or three ribbon loops to finish off the cone.

For a tree topper, I used the leftover ribbon to make a simple bow and glued it on top of the tree. You could also use a star, a miniature angel, or a small ornament!


You’re all done! I hope you enjoy making this DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree. It only takes about an hour to make a small one, and they make great gifts for teachers and friends!

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