Simple Yarn Tree Craft

When I was a little girl my teachers used to use yarn to make so many of our classroom art projects. As a teacher, I didn’t make too many yarn crafts. But, we did make a simple yarn tree craft every year. It was such a fun project to make the week before winter break!

Simple Yarn Tree Craft

Simple Yarn Tree Craft

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Christmas Tree Craft Supplies:

  • Green yarn.
  • Paper plate.
  • Paper or styrofoam cone. 
  • School glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Saran Wrap. 

This is such an easy project, but it does take a few days to fully dry, so plan ahead a little if you are making some.

Let’s get started!

Start by printing a paper cone: (If you are using styrofoam, you can skip this step.)

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After you print out the cone template, cut it out, and roll it into shape. Then, cover it with Saran Wrap.

Next, cut about two yards of yarn.

Now, pour glue into the bottom of the plate.

Then, put the yarn in the glue.

Finally, start wrapping the cone with the glue soaked yarn. This will be a little messy, but school glue washes easily, so have fun.

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Wrap the yarn all the way around the cone, and be sure to overlap the yarn. This will make the tree more stable. You can add more glue soaked yarn to the tree if you need to.

Once you are happy with your tree, place the cone on the plate with the glue and allow the yarn to dry completely.

How to make a yarn Christmas tree decoration

In a few days, carefully cut the cone out of the yarn. If you used a styrofoam cone, you can wiggle the cone off of the Saran Wrap and then cut the Saran Wrap out of the yarn.

Christmas tree craft for kids

That’s it! I hope this cute and simple yarn tree craft has inspired you to create your own adorable yarn trees this holiday season!

Use the same yarn to make some matching personalized yarn wrapped letter ornaments!

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