Printable Lacing Cards for Fall and Halloween

Lacing Cards for Fall and Halloween

Today we’re sharing a fun new set of lacing cards to print – 6 printable lacing cards for fall and halloween. Just print, color, and cut them out. Then use a hole punch to make holes for your lacing string. We like to use shoelaces for lacing cards because they are thick and easy to maneuver for small hands. But you can also use twine, string or yarn. If your ends fray, tape them with invisible tape, or dip them in clear nail polish and let them dry before lacing. If you want to print these for your classroom to make them last, you can laminate them. If you choose to do that, color and cut them out, but don’t punch the holes yet. Laminate them, cutting around the shapes leaving about a 1/4″ margin around the paper card edges so that the laminate stays sealed. Then punch your holes aligned with the dots on the pages.

We are having a blast coming up with new ideas for Halloween and fall activities for your kids! We’ve been around for almost a decade, so some years the ideas don’t “flow”. Not this year!! We literally can’t keep up with all of the fun things we want to do. Plus, September through December is the BEST time of year for kids crafts, don’t you agree?

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