Printable Halloween Photo Props

I’m so pleased to share a brand new series of content here – themed photo props! Can’t wait to share more of them throughout the year, but today we’ve got printable Halloween photo props! These are very cute and appropriate (rated G!!). They would be a GREAT addition to your Halloween classroom party. Put up a simple backdrop, print and cut out these photo props, and let the selfies begin! Many of them could be glued to cheap tongue depressors so that they can be held up easily in your photos. If you happen to be having a Halloween dance and have a real photo-strip booth, place these in a basket nearby for everyone to use. We do recommend that you print these pages on card stock so that they have some thickness to hold up straight. The three picture frames can be used both as props and as frames if you happen to have a photo printer on site. I adore the text bubbles – we have a few with Halloween text ready to go. But there’s also several blank text bubbles that you can fill in with your own words. Throw on some fun quotes like “Eat, drink and be scary!” or “Happy Haunting!” or even just “BOO!!!”

Printable Halloween Photo Props

Our printable Halloween masks could also be used as photo props!

Printable Halloween Photo Props

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