Cute Animal Printable Lacing Cards to Color

Printable Lacing Cards to Color

Here’s our latest set of free printables: lacing cards for kids! 9 cute animals and sea creatures for you to enjoy. Each page is line art for your children to color, cut out the animals, then use a hole punch to put holes in the circles. Then we recommend using a pair of shoe laces for kids to lace the holes, because the plastic ends make it easier for little fingers to get the string through the holes. But a piece of yarn or thin ribbon will also work, especially if you use invisible tape to tape the ends.

There are some alternative ways to do this project: If you want the lacing cards to last more than a day or two, laminate them after you color them and before you cut them out. You’ll need a good quality hole punch to get through the plastic laminate, but then these lacing cards will last a long time. We recommend this variation if you plan on using these for a group or classroom.

Printable lacing cards are a great activity to build hand – eye coordination and fine motor skills!

We’ve got plenty of other printable crafts for kids: check out our animal masks or our paper pinwheels!

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