Pony Bead Football Keychain Craft

Pony Bead Football Keychain Craft

Hi Everyone! Today we’re making a Pony Bead Football Keychain Craft! I don’t know about you, but our local towns absolutely rally around the high school football teams in the fall. Plus the Super Bowl is right around the corner. This cute football is perfect to make in traditional brown and white, or you can use your favorite teams colors! This could be a great gift for football families, or they could even be made for a team fundraiser. Here’s what you’ll need!


Pony Bead Football Keychain Craft


  • Pony beads in two team colors
  • Matching twine
  • Keychain ring
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Start by cutting about 6 feet of twine. Next, thread your keyring onto the twine, centering it in the middle. Tie a knot a little bit below the keyring, so it can move freely. If you’re using super soft twine like I was, grab a small piece of tape and wrap it around each end of the twine to make stringing the beads easier.

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To thread on the beads, start by putting two beads onto one of the strings. Then thread the other string through the beads in the opposite direction. The ends should crisscross over each other inside the beads and come out opposite ends. Then gently pull both ends to pull the beads up to the keyring. Make sure that each row of beads isn’t too tight that the beads buckle, or too loose that they flop around. Now that you know how the string them, here’s a row by row list of beads to help you!

Row 1: 2 black beads

Row 2: 3 black beads

Row 3: 5 orange beads

Row 4: 7 black beads

Row 5: 2 black, 4 orange, 2 black beads

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Row 6: 4 black, 1 orange, 4 black beads

Row 7: 3 black, 3 orange, 3 black beads

Row 8: 4 black, 1 orange, 4 black beads

Row 9: 2 black, 4 orange, 2 black beads

Row 10: 7 black beads

Row 11: 5 orange beads

Row 12: 3 black beads

Row 13: 2 black beads


And now we’re almost to the end! Just tie a double knot at the end to secure the beads in place.

Then I chose to make a few more knots for decoration, and trim the strings to about an inch long.

You’re all done! I hope you enjoyed making this Pony Bead Football Keychain Craft with me!

And here’s a photo to show you the size! This is a quick project, and it makes a pretty big football!

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