Paper Plate Football Helmet Craft

It’s just about time for tailgates, touchdown, and football and fall y’all! So, that means we will be hosting all of the football parties. However, something I have learned in my years of being a teacher, a mom, and a party hostess, is that kids get tired of sitting still for too long. So, I always try to have a simple activity for the little ones to do when we host a party. And this paper plate football helmet craft is always a hit! 

Paper Plate Football Helmet Craft

Football Helmet Craft

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Football Paper Plate Craft Supplies:

  • Paper plate.
  • Craft stick.
  • Paint and paint brush.
  • Scissors.
  • School glue or tape.

This fun craft is super easy and can be done by elementary school crafters with very little supervision. It is a great activity for fine motor skills development too! 

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Let’s get started on this fun paper plate football helmet craft! Firstly, gather all of your supplies.

Then trace a face mask grid on the bottom half of the plate. However, if you have lots of little guests or students, you can do this step ahead of time. I used the craft stick as a guide for this. 

Then, carefully cut the facemark grid out of the paper plate. Don’t forget to cut the top half of the face mask section too. Again, if you have a large group of little ones that will be crafting, you can do this step ahead of time too. 

Now, it’s time for the fun part! Paint the top half of the paper plate edge. You could also color it. And, then add team stickers around the edge.

After the paint has fully dried, flip the mask over and attach the craft stick on the bottom with a little tape. However, you could use school glue for this step too.

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That’s it! This is such a fun project to make during a football party! And, I hope I’ve inspired you to create a cute paper plate football helmet craft with your little ones! 

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