Snowman Mobile Craft from a Paper Plate

When I first tried making this spiral snowman mobile, I used a regular piece of white paper, but it just wasn’t thick enough.  We revamped the project and used a white paper plate instead, which worked out really well. This would be a great winter or snow day craft, especially if you wanted to break out the whole package of paper plates and make this paper plate penguin, too!

How to Make a Paper Plate Snowman Kids Craft

Paper Plate Snowman Kids Craft

What You Need to Make a Snowman Mobile from a Paper Plate

  • Paper plate
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black pen
  • Scraps of construction paper (brown, orange, black)
  • String

Use your scraps of construction paper to make a carrot nose, stick arms, and a top hat.

Glue on the accessories and use your marker to make eyes and a mouth.

Glue on the accessories and use your marker to make eyes and a mouth.

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Punch a hole in the back of his head behind the hat and insert your string. Hang him up and watch him dance!

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  1. Terry Lewis

    This is very clever and easy. I’ll try it this week with my multicategorical special ed class. I think the kids will love it! Thanks!

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