Paper Plate Apple Project

As the end of summer nears and Fall begins, it’s time to start making all the apple treats and creating all the apple art projects. But, if you’re a teacher or a parent that wants to find a fun way to teach your little ones about how apples – and other plants grow- then, look no farther! This paper plate apple project is a fun activity and learning lesson all in one!

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Paper Plate Apple Project

Apple Craft Supplies:

  • Paper plate.
  • Red paint and paint brush.
  • School Glue.
  • An apple cut in half. 

This fun project is a great way to teach little ones where some of their food comes from. But, you can make a similar project with nearly any seeded fruit or vegetable. I love a versatile project!

For this project, I cut an apple in half from the top to the bottom. Cutting the apple like this will allow your little ones to see where the seeds are inside of an apple or other piece of fruit. Once the little ones have looked at the apple and found the seeds, ask them to remove the seeds and set them aside.

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Now, add a little but of red paint to a paint palette or paper plate. Then, the kids can begin painting. Then, paint around the edge of the paper plate, and left the middle section of the plate white. This will mimic the cut apple you just showed the children.

Then, have the kids add a little bit of school glue to the middle of the plate.

Finally, let the kids add a few apple seeds to the glue.

You can save some of the seeds and add them to a small cup of soil for the kids to watch the seeding and growing process too.

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That’s it! I hope this fun activity has inspired you to create a fun way to learn about growing food!

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