Apple Art Project

When I was a teacher, I always had SO many scraps of paper. And, I felt bad about recycling them, because I knew I would eventually use them. So, when I had a box full of scraps, I would create art projects to use them all up. And, this apple art project was always one of my favorites to do with my kids in the beginning of the school year.

Apple Art Project

Apple Art Project


Since scrap paper accumulates pretty quickly in a classroom with 15-25 children, I would have my kids help me separate the scraps according to colors. This was a fun project for them, and it helped me keep my paper organized. Alternatively, if you don’t have paper scraps to do this project, you can easily use a full sheet of paper. In this case, just let the children tear small the sheet of paper into small pieces.

Begin this project by drawing an apple shape on a sheet of white paper. Older children can do this step on their own. If they need help, have them draw a heart, and then flatten out the pointed bottom. Younger children can use the apple template to trace.

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Once you have an apple shape, begin gluing red (or green) paper scraps on to the apple. Cover the entire apple with colored paper.

Finally, you can draw a stem and leaf onto the apple. Also, you could use more paper scraps to cut out those shapes and glue them on top of the apple.

That’s it! We all love this darling little apple art project. I hope this project inspired you to use those paper scraps in a fun way!

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