Fall Mandala Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults

I have to say that my all time favorite coloring pages to make are my mandala coloring pages! I’m even guilty of coloring a few of them – and I won’t even tell you how old I am!! These Halloween mandalas and animal mandala coloring pages have been huge hits in the past, so to keep up with the seasons, here are some new fall mandalas.

What are mandalas? Though they have roots in ancient Buddhism, mandalas have appeared in art from nearly every culture and religion over hundreds of thousands of years. Mandalas are, in their most simple explanation, just circular drawings. What I love most about them is that they are so incredibly relaxing – both to draw and to color. Interestingly, I have created thousands of coloring pages for Woo! Jr., but mandalas are by far the most meditative and relaxing of all of them to draw. Since fall can be a really hectic time of year, I think this set is especially beneficial to help calm your kids down after a busy day as they are still getting used to new school schedules.

Download 160 pages of fall-themed activities all at once here!



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