Printable Fall Mazes for Kids

It has become a wonderful tradition for locals in our area each fall to visit the pumpkin patch and corn maze at a local farm up the road. This year they also planted three sunflower mazes, which brought much joy to those who have been quarantined. (The farmers were very careful to adhere to social distancing rules.) Today we’re sharing these printable fall mazes for kids to do in the comfort of your own home or classroom.

Printable Fall Mazes for Kids

These printable puzzle pages provide great entertainment for kids ages 4 to 8, and are great brain bending activities that will help them build cognitive and motor skills. You will also find that these mazes help with their patience, persistence, and confidence — all BIG successes!

This fun fall set features a jack-o’-lantern, a candy apple, a football, a scarecrow, and an autumn gourd. You will also find a barn, a harvest tractor, a fall leaf and a turkey for the feast! Once your student their way through each maze, they can bring the picture to life with their favorite fall colors.

Download 160 pages of fall-themed activities all at once here!

Printable Fall Mazes for Kids

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