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I have loved fairies ever since I was a little girl, they have always had a magical place in my heart. Fairies will never get old or go out of style, their beauty seems to be eternal! As a kid, I always deeply wished they were real, and could always somehow just barely convince myself of the logic: how could all of these different cultures and story sources describe fairies in such a similar way? It “must” be because there were real fairies at some point in history! Evidently I’m not the only one to think that – surprisingly, there are some “real-life” sources for fairy folklore, including many legends of a lost race of beings that might not have been human, or at least normal human beings by the standards set forth hundreds of years ago. An example would be the African pygmies.

30 Fairy Coloring Pages

Here are all of our fairy coloring page collections all in one place, which my daughter wants to color over and over again. The butterfly and flower fairy collections are more intricate and detailed, and better for older children. The wings and dresses of the fairies on these pages are – you guessed it, butterfly wings and flower petals.  The cute, pixie and Tinkerbell collections have several options with simpler shapes that will be more suitable for younger children to color.

Butterfly Fairy Coloring Pages

Flower Fairy Coloring Pages

Cute (and Easier) Fairy Coloring Pages

Pixie Fairy Coloring Pages

By the way, we have two wonderful and fun fairy craft projects, too – making miniature fairy houses, and planting a small indoor fairy garden!

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