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Love and Hearts Coloring Pages

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it couldn’t come fast enough for us – anything that gets us farther away from this horrible awful winter is great for us! My kids are getting a little older now, and they don’t have Valentine’s Day parties at school anymore. That kind of bums me out – because not only am I missing out on creating and giving away Valentine’s goodies, but now they are old enough to have REAL VALENTINES. As in, like dances, dates, and crushes – OH MY! I prefer my February celebrations with a lot less drama and a lot more crafting and coloring.

My youngest daughter will still color, and in fact she specifically asked me to print out these heart, love and Valentine coloring pages for her this week. I’m really hoping it’s because she just wants to color – and not because she’s got puppy love on her mind – YIKES!

Download our Valentine’s Day bundle – 220+ pages of heart-filled fun, sure to entertain for hours!

Free Printable Valentine Mazes

These cute heart shaped mazes are great for younger kids. They are simple and easy and kids absolutely love them! After you are done finding your way through the maze, you can color the animals.Cute Animal Valentine Printable Mazes

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