Egg Shell Planting Project

We are working on our Spring and Veggie Garden now. So, we are trying to plant some seedlings in egg shells. Then, we will replant them in the garden once they are strong enough to be transplanted. Unfortunately, every time I have placed my seedlings outside in the warm sunshine, a critter has taken off with my seeds. But, I didn’t want to disappoint my niece so I bought some small vegetables that I could plant in egg shells while she was away. Thankfully, she was super excited to see the onion stalks growing in the egg shells when she came over. Let’s get started on our Egg Shell Planting Project!

Egg Shell Planting Project



  • 1/2 an egg shell for each seedling.
  • Seeds. 
  • Egg Carton or Egg holder.
  • Garden Soil.
  • Optional – small plants or vegetables.
  • Optional – Butter knife to perforate the egg shells.

The first step in this Egg Shell Planting Project is to decide on what type of seedlings you want to grow. Initially we planned on growing chia seeds because they are fast growing. However, lima beans, rye grass, and even berry seeds also grow pretty quickly.

Once you have decided on your plants or veggies, separate the seeds into piles of 5-10 seeds.

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Then, use a butter knife to create a light crack around the center of an egg. Just lightly tap the egg with the edge of the knife. This will make it much easier to crack the egg in half with two halves that can be used. Crack the eggs into a bowl and scramble them up and save to eat after you work on the seedling garden.

Now, place the egg shells back into the egg carton or an egg holder.

Next, add a pinch or a small spoonful of garden soil.

Then, add the seeds or small plants to the eggs, and add another pinch of soil. If you are adding small plants, be careful with the roots when you remove it from the store packaging.

Water lightly everyday until seedlings are able to be transplanted into the garden. You can bury them right in their eggshells! Make sure you either wait until after the last frost, or look on the seed packet for specific planting guidelines.

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That’s it! I hope you enjoyed making your Egg Shell Planting Project. These would be beautiful spring decorations too!

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