DIY Recycled Shirt Plant Hanger

DIY Recycled Shirt Plant Hanger

I love recycling and repurposing things as much as possible. My husband tends to go through a ton of t-shirts, and unfortunately he wears them out too much to be able to donate them. So I will often repurpose them into different things, like cleaning rags or toddler sized pajama pants. Today I’m going to show you how to take a worn out t-shirt and turn it into this DIY Recycled Shirt Plant Hanger! It’s unbelievably easy and quick to make, so let’s get started!


DIY Recycled Shirt Plant Hanger


  • An old knit t-shirt.
  • Scissors.

Start by laying out your shirt so it’s nice and smooth. No need to iron it, but you don’t want any folds or bunched up spots. Cut off the bottom of your shirt in a straight line. Don’t worry about getting everything perfectly straight, just try your best. You won’t be able to see any wavering lines in the final product. Now cut 4 strips off of the shirt. I make mine about an inch and a half wide. You can use the rest of the shirt for other projects.

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Now take each strip and stretch it out. The material will nearly double in length and roll up on itself. Do this with all 4 of your strips, and then put them all together with the tips even at one end.

Next you’re going to tie a knot in that end. Make this nice and tight, because this knot is going to hold the weight of your plant or whatever container you use in this hanger. Trim off the ends of the loops to make a cute fringe. It should look like this now.

Now you’re going to cut the ends of the four loops to make 8 strings coming off of the knot. Pair up the 8 strings into sets of two, and tie a knot just like a did at the bottom a few inches up. Try to keep all the knots at the same distance from the big knot.

Do this with all the strings. Next you’re going to separate them like shown, pairing up the strings again. Tie knots a few inches up again. You should have three knots.

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Now pair together those last two strings and tie a knot in those too. This is what it should look like. Now separate the strands again and pair them up like shown and tie a knot again. Do this 3 more times, and it should look like this.

When you hold the whole things down from the big knot, all the little knots should be at the same spots. If anything is off by a lot, undo the knot and adjust it as needed. At the end of the strings, tie a final knot like this. This creates little loops at the end of each string to make hanging this up easy.

See? You can just loop the strands onto a large cup hook to hang this from your ceiling or a porch roof. Set your pot inside like this. I love that this can hold the pot securely and yet you can still see the design.

You’re all done! I hope you had fun learning how to make this DIY Recycled Shirt Plant Hanger with me! And if you like the cute pot hanging inside of it, here’s how to make your very own Thumbprint Flower Pot!

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