Easter Carrot Art Project from Construction Paper

When I was a teacher, I loved the spring time. We would work on our class garden and learn about plant growth cycles. The kids loved to grow and eat their own veggies. But, like many little ones, it was hard to be patient. So, we would make Easter carrot art project gardens. This would help them see what was happening, and give them a project to take home and share with their family!

Easter Carrot Art Project for Preschoolers

Garden Art Project Supplies:

  • 1 Sheet of each, brown and orange construction paper.
  • Green¬†construction paper scraps.
  • School glue.
  • Green paper shreds.
  • Scissors.
  • You might also need a carrot shape from our printable Easter templates set!

Let’s get started with our paper carrot garden art project!

This is a simple little project, but it is so much fun to make. First, gather your supplies.

Then, sketch out carrot shapes and leaves on the orange and green paper. Now, cut out each shape.

Next, glue the green leaves onto the tops of the orange carrots.

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Now, fold the brown paper in half lengthwise. Add a thin line of glue to the sides to create a pocket. Then, turn the pocket lengthwise and glue the green paper shreds to the top of the brown paper pocket.

Finally, slide the carrots into the pocket!

That’s it! I would send my students home with a package of carrot seeds too, so they could plant a garden at home as well. I hope this fun little paper carrot garden has inspired you to cultivate your own garden and crafts!

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