Academic and Math Reference Charts

I cannot tell you how often I open up my 40-year old Betty Crocker cookbook to look up the measuring conversion chart or substitute suggestions printed on the interior cover. Some of us rely on cheat sheets more than others. And students, especially, depend on such guides during their learning process. These academic and math reference charts are a must have for every home and classroom. Whether you are a teacher, a homeschooling parent, a grandparent or a caregiver, these tools are so useful. These reference sheets are created to help students become more independent learners. This set of free printable resource guides includes the periodic table, quick reference math charts, a table of measures, a map of the US and more.

Academic and Math Reference Charts

I recommend printing this set of teaching resources, laminating the pages and storing them at your student’s work station. They will come in so handy in helping with quick reference for homework assignments and will alleviate the need to log onto an electronic device. 😉

Academic and Math Reference Charts

You may also be interested in these printable number charts to help while your kiddos are doing their math homework.

You might also like these math regrouping worksheets. They provide great addition and subtraction practice (with and without regrouping) for students.

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