Printable Raffle Tickets Sheets

Have you ever needed raffle tickets for a classroom activity, party or event, purchased a roll of 2,000 and then had like 1,950 left over? I definitely have. I have recently been on a mission, taking a new minimalistic approach at organizing my home. In my attempt to purge, I have found so many unused party supplies I’ve had in drawers for years. I’m realizing I need to be more intentional about the quantity of items I purchase. These multi-purpose printable raffle tickets sheets are an ideal solution for such a cause. Use them for small school fundraisers, door admittance, giveaways, party prizes, classroom rewards, and other fun and engaging ideas.

Each printable raffle tickets sheet set is numbered from 1 to 100 and printable in blue or red. On the back your guests or attendees can write their contact information, so you can reach out to them if they’ve won a prize or require follow-up information. Click each sheet below to print. This is a perfect project for the kids to help with. Get your paper cutter out and have them cut the tickets in strips and fold them between the “Ticket” and the “Keep This Ticket” portions. I think you’ll be grateful you don’t have so many leftovers to store. 😉

Printable Raffle Tickets Sheets

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