Watercolor Canvas Wall Art Project

Watercolor Canvas Wall Art Project

Today I’m going to show you how to make this Watercolor Canvas Wall Art Project! My downfall in crafting is watercolors. So if I can do this, so can you! It’s so much easier than it looks!

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Watercolor Canvas Wall Art Project


  • Canvases. I recommend getting a multipack at a craft store, as they are inexpensive and pre-primed.
  • Martha Stewart Watercolor gel paint. *You can not use traditional watercolors on canvas without a ton of prep work.* These watercolor paints are new, can be diluted with water, and dry fast. I’m insanely impressed with how well they worked for this project. I recommend at least 3 colors.
  • Containers to hold each paint color.
  • Brushes. I recommend using small fan brushes.

Start by setting out your first canvas and getting all your supplies in order. For my paint colors, I chose pink, blue, orange, and purple. Place a small dollop of paint in each of your containers. Add some water to thin the paints out and make them translucent. I used just under one teaspoon of water per dollop of paint.

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Use your brush to mix the paint well. It will look chunky at first, but keep going and it will eventually mix smoothly. Mix all of your paints this way. Wipe your brush off on the side of your container to get off any excess paint, and start painting on your canvas.

I just swiped the brush around randomly in large patches, going back and forth and swirling the brush around to create abstract shapes.

You can use the tips of the fan brush to create this feathered effect too! Go ahead and place the first color wherever you’d like it, and then let it dry. Next, go in with your next color and fill in some other spaces.

You can blend the colors by adding different colors while they’re still wet. And you can create more opaque areas by adding layers of paint or just laying it on the canvas more thickly.

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Just keeping adding and layering colors until you’re happy with how it looks! There’s no wrong way to do an abstract painting, so it’s a great way to start playing with watercolor techniques. Now go ahead and make as many canvasses as you’d like! I made two that match to put up in my office.

You can hang them vertically.

Or horizontally. This is also a great project for older kids or teens who want to help make DIY room decor. I hope you had fun learning how to make this Watercolor Canvas Wall Art Project!

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