Paper Plate Goldfish Craft

Paper Plate Goldfish Craft

Hi everyone!! Today we’re going to learn how to make this easy Paper Plate Goldfish Craft. This is so much fun to learn how to make because you can use this same basic technique to make a whole variety of fish just by changing the colors you use and the shape of the fins you draw. Here’s what you’ll need!

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Easy Paper Plate Goldfish Craft


  • 2 paper plates
  • Orange, black, and white construction paper
  • Orange paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue stick
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Stat by flipping both of your plates upside down. This is how we’ll be working with them. On one of the plates, you’re going to draw a triangle to cut out for the open mouth. This plate will be the main body of your goldfish. On the other plate, we’re going to draw our fins. These can be any shape you want, but I used traditional goldfish fin shapes. There’s a triangle for the bottom fin, a pointy topped heart shape for the tail, and a curvy shape for the top fin. Next you’re going to paint your main body plate all orange, going just over the pencil lines you made for the cut out.

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Then go ahead and paint your fin plate, going just over the pencil lines again. Now you’re going to let those plates dry completely. While they’re drying, go ahead an cut up your orange construction paper into little squares to make scales! You can round off the scales if you’d like, or just leave them square to make it easier.

Now to make the eye, I just took my paint bottle and traced around it on the white paper, and cut it out. For the iris of the eye, I used my glue stick and did the same thing! If you have a circle template or a compass you can use those too.

Just make sure the black part of the eye is smaller than the white part. Then just glue the iris onto the eye.

When both plates are completely dry, just go ahead and cut out your fins and the mouth part of you goldfish. Then glue on the eye above the mouth.

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Next you’re going to cover the back half of the body with glue stick, and then start layering your paper scales on your fish!

It’s so cute! Let that dry completely, and then flip your fish over. On the backside, add hot glue onto the bottom front of your fins and glue them in the right spots of your fish’s body. Here’s the top fin.

Then the bottom fin and the tail! Now all you need to do is flip your goldfish back over and you’re all done!

Thanks for learning how to make this Paper Plate Goldfish Craft with me! Have fun making a whole bunch of little fish. This would be a great project to do as a whole classroom and make a school of fish that are all different and unique!

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