Make Easy Tissue Paper Butterflies

Make Easy Tissue Paper Butterflies

I’ve been working on this project in my head all week! It started as a completely different idea, but happily these tissue paper butterflies ended up being more adorable than I thought they would be, and even easier than originally planned – a win-win!

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All you need to make these pretty paper butterflies are tissue paper and pipe cleaners (or chenille stems as I guess they are called these days). Simply cut up tissue paper in squares and in ovals in varying sizes as shown:

Tissue Paper Shapes for Butterflies

The actual sizes don’t matter; the ones I made ended up being about 6 inches wide when completed. That means the squares were approximately 7″, 4.5″ and 3″, and the ovals were about 7″ x 5″, 6″ x 3.5″ and 5″ x 3″. Simply lay them out exactly as shown, scrunch them together down the middle, and fasten them all together with a pipe cleaner. I know that ‘scrunch them down the middle’ isn’t exactly a helpful description, so I’ve added a video from the brand new Woo! Jr. Kids Activities YouTube channel:

I originally intended these butterflies to be suspended by thread in front of a window in a child’s bedroom. Wouldn’t that be adorable if the whole window was covered with butterflies? These take less than a minute to make once the paper is cut, so making these by the dozens isn’t out of the question. But then I realized they would also be fantastic gift decorations in lieu of a bow, or wonderful party decorations.

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