Flying Owl Puppet Printable Craft

This printable puppet craft is so adorable and fun!! Older children can take their time to color the owl feathers like they would in an adult coloring book, and younger children can simply color all the feathers one single color. All you need are two brass paper fasteners to attach the wings to the owl body, and then the owl becomes a flying owl! Make this as a cool Halloween craft, or color the owl in neutral fall colors for a fall craft or red/green for a Christmas owl.

Flying Owl Printable Craft

Owl Puppet Printable Craft  РPrint Both Pages

First color the wings and owl body, then cut out the pieces carefully. Use a hole punch or awl to poke holes in the tops of the wings and second row of feathers where the small circles are. Put the paper fasteners in the front of the owl body, put the wings in the back, and then fold the fasteners open to keep the wings in place.

To make this more like an actual puppet toy, glue the owl to a 12″ inch paint stirrer, and poke two extra holes at the tops of the wings. Put a piece of string through them and when you pull it, the wings will flap up and down. See this diagram for visual instructions:

Owl Puppet Diagram

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