Fall Scarecrow Kids Craft and Free Pattern

Fall Scarecrow Kids Craft

HAPPY FALL EVERYONE! This is such an amazing time of year! Kids are officially back in school, they have (hopefully!) found their groove, and the weather turns just enough to start spending more time indoors. That means more time for CRAFTING! Today I want to share an adorable Fall Scarecrow kids craft with you that is a perfect group activity – make scarecrows out of straw placemats! You can get 6-8 scarecrows out of one placemat! The felt pieces are also tiny, so you’ll be able to get many parts out of just a sheet of each color of felt.

What You Need to Make This Scarecrow Craft:

Scarecrow Craft Materials

  • A jute or straw placemat. I got mine for $3. Just make sure that there’s enough stitching to hold it together once you cut it. If the placemat is woven but not stitched, it might not stay together after being cut.
  • Orange, dark blue, light blue, yellow, brown, black and pink felt.
  • Garden twine
  • SHARP scissors. Both the placemat and twine were difficult to cut with my dull scissors!
  • Hot glue gun or felt glue
  • Our printable scarecrow craft pattern:

How to Make This Fall Scarecrow Craft:

Our YouTube channel video shows you exactly how to put this craft together!

  1. Separate the pattern pieces by cutting them apart
  2. Cut out the scarecrow head from the placemat.
  3. Cut out the felt pieces from the corresponding colored felt
  4. Cut some garden twine to make ‘hair’
  5. Glue the pieces of felt in place as shown in the pattern, tucking the twine underneath the hat on either side of the face.
  6. Use a strip of black felt for the smile, or a piece of black yarn if you have some laying around.

What to do with it when done? You can add a magnet to the back and put it on the fridge,  or a string on top and make yourself a fall “Christmas” tree. Or add it to a fall wreath!

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