Fast & Easy Wall Art

This is Day 10 of Twleve Days of Gifts Kids Can Make!

Here’s another project inspired by something in a store that is way more expensive than it needs to be! Ballard Designs has a very lovely set of 9 prints in small square frames for a rather unrealistic $168. They were a lot less lovely at that price! My dollar store had remarkably similar frames, and I already had a ton of pretty papers laying around – so I made the set myself for less than $10.

Well, I correct myself – my kids made these, not me! And my girls were fighting over who got to use them in their rooms when we were all done!

Easy Wall Art

Easy Wall Art From Dollar Store Frames & Scrapbook Paper

Here’s the Ballard Designs Inspiration

Ballard Designs Inspiration

Ballard Designs Inspiration

What You Need to Make this Easy Wall Art

Scrapbook paper – 9 sheets that coordinate well with each other

9 square dollar store frames

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A paper cutter or scissors

How to Make this Easy Wall Art

First you need to pop out the frame parts to measure how large to cut your scrapbook paper. Mine were 7 inches square.

My frames had plexiglass and not real glass, which made this a very kid-friendly project. Make sure that your frames are the same or supervise carefully!

Measuring the Art for the Frame

Measuring the Art for the Frame

Next, cut 9 pieces of paper into your squares for the frames.

Note: if your scrapbook paper has large designs, you may want to make sure that your cuts don’t cut off important parts of the art on the paper. It would be a shame to cut the head off of the bird in the first frame, for example! Also, if you have smaller patterns, try to cut the squares so that the pattern is centered side to side and top to bottom.

Using a Paper Cutter

Using a Paper Cutter

Always explain to kids the dangers of using a paper cutter and supervise accordingly!!! Scissors will also work, of course, and the frame will generally hide edge imperfections anyway.

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Then simply pop those scrapbook paper squares right back into your frames!

Framing the Scrapbook Paper Artwork

Framing the Scrapbook Paper Artwork

This would be a great project for a kid to make and give to a sibling, don’t you think?

Remember, this is Day 10 of Twleve Days of Gifts Kids Can Make! 10 down, 2 to go!

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  1. Avril

    Beautiful! Great gift for Grandma! I had to look at the photos several times to make sure I was reading the captions right. Yours are MUCH nicer than the inspirations.

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