Zoo Animal Coloring Pages: Zoo Babies

There’s nothing quite so adorable as new zoo babies! These cute zoo animal coloring pages also double as easy letter practice worksheets for preschool or kindergarteners.

You probably know that a baby pig is called a piglet and that a baby dog is called a puppy, but do you know what a baby zebra is called?  How about a baby kangaroo?  Look below the pictures to find out what all kinds of baby animals are called, including some the ones on these zoo animal coloring pages!

Based on the popularity of this post, we’ve also created an even larger set of 100 animal coloring pages!

Create this fun kangaroo ears headband for a darling accessory to wear while coloring! 😉

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Ready to find out what your favorite baby animals are called?

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  • A baby aadrvark is called either a calf or a cub
  • A baby alligator is called a hatchling
  • A baby anteater is called a calf
  • A baby ant is called an antling
  • A baby ape is called a baby
  • A baby baboon is called an infant
  • A baby bat is called a pup
  • A baby bear is called a cub
  • A baby bee is called a larva
  • A baby bird is called a hatchling or a chick
  • A baby camel is called a calf
  • A baby dolphin is called a pup or a calf
  • A baby donkey is called a colt or a foal
  • A baby duck is called a duckling
  • A baby eagle is called a fledgling or an eaglet
  • A baby elephant is called a calf
  • A baby ferret is called a kit
  • A baby fish is called a fry or a fingerling
  • A baby giraffe is called a calf
  • A baby goat is called a kid or a billy
  • A baby gorilla is called an infant
  • A baby hawk is called an eyas
  • A baby hedgehog is called a piglet or a pup
  • A baby hippopotamus is called a calf
  • A baby horse is called a foal
  • A baby jellyfish is called an ephyna
  • A baby kangaroo is called a joey
  • A baby koala is also called a joey
  • A baby llama is called a cria
  • A baby monkey is called an infant
  • A baby opossum is called a joey
  • A baby otter is called a whelp or a pup
  • A baby owl is called an owlet or a fledgling
  • A baby oyster is called a spat
  • A baby panda is called a cub
  • A baby peacock is called a peachick
  • A baby penguin is called a chick
  • A baby pigeon is called a squab
  • A baby platypus is called a puggle
  • A baby porcupine is called a porcupette
  • A baby rabbit is called a kitten or a bunny
  • A baby raccoon is called a cub
  • A baby rhinoceros is called a calf
  • A baby seal is called a pup
  • A baby shark is called a pup
  • A baby sheep is called a lamb
  • A baby skunk is called a kit
  • A baby snake is called a snakelet, neonate, or hatchling
  • A baby spider is called a spiderling
  • A baby tiger is called a cub or a whelp
  • A baby toad is called a tadpole
  • A baby turkey is called a poult
  • A baby turtle is called a hatchling
  • A baby whale is called a calf
  • And, finally, a baby zebra is called a foal or a colt
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