How to Work from Home with Kids and Be Productive, Too!

Need Help Figuring out How to Work from Home with Kids?

How to Work from Home with Kids Productivity Workshop


Watch our free time management for kids training video above
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while also limiting your kids’ screen time!

Whether you are a work at home parent, stay at home parent, or a caregiver, this is the place to be: the place to learn how to get your stuff done, kick your kids’ boredom to the curb and bring joy to your juggle.

I didn’t always know how to work from home with kids. In fact, in 2004 I had to shut my freelancing business down due to massive burnout when my kids were little and I had very unpracticed time management skills. When I started my next business in 2006 I had a much better idea of how to manage myself, but could no longer afford daycare. In fact, at the beginning of the summer of 2007, I had an absolutely panicked moment when I realized I had to build a business AND keep three kids entertained for 3 solid months.

That moment was the start of what was to become Woo! Jr. Kids Activities. We’ve now been developing engaging kids activities for 11 ½ years, have had over 50 million website visitors, and have sold over 215,000 children’s activity books on Amazon. We know how to make education and creativity FUN, while keeping kids willingly off their screens!

3 Time Management Strategies for Kids of Work at Home Parents

My goal is to show you the critical things you need to know to structure your day to get solid work time, even if it’s not the 9 – 5 in an office like you’re probably used to. Here’s what I learned and what I want to share with you… You have to set your kids up for success – and your success will follow.

When you are able to give them tools and structure for their day, then you can get guilt-free time for yourself, knowing you are helping them to develop their creativity while also limiting their screen time.

In the video above, you learn three strategies to create focus time for you to get your work done:

  1. How to implement To-Do Lists and a Quiet Time habit.
  2. How to stock and set up an Activity Station on a budget.
  3. How to structure a reward system so that your children WANT to manage their own time better.

You don’t have to spend a ton of time getting all of this set up for your children. The workshop teaches an entire – but flexible – system to manage your kids’ time.

How to Work from Home with Kids – Your To Do List

Here are the 2 things you can do IMMEDIATELY to get at least 1 hour of focus time every work day:

  1. Every Sunday or every weekday morning – print out activities for your kids. They can get through 10-12 pages of activities in about an hour. While you’re focusing on your systems, your kids can be busy with enriching printables that keep them off their screens. 
  2. Every work day, either on a schedule or at a time when you need to be left alone, pull out the day’s activity pages. Let your child set a timer for an hour, pull out your stack of activity pages for the day, and let them know they are not allowed to disturb you (except for an emergency of course!) until the timer goes off.

Here’s the magical part of setting up this system: you are getting a guaranteed hour a day to do your most important work – that could be a business meeting, cleaning the kitchen, or your own self-care break. But the other magical result is that you are teaching your kids how to set up their own systems and good habits – which is absolutely critical to their future success as a human being.

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Our Woo! Kids Club enrollment is currently closed. 

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But Aren’t We “Ignoring” Our Kids?

Let me address a little bit of parent guilt here, because that’s another thing I had to get over. You might be feeling like this should be time to spend with your kids rather than setting them on their own. I’d like to offer an alternative view on that – what you are doing is teaching them to find and identify their own interests, foster their talents, and develop their own natural abilities.

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Just think about the amazing benefits of putting a simple system into place that, once learned, could give you 20 hours every month of guilt-free time to yourself while your kids are developing autonomy, creativity, and critical time management life skills. That could radically transform working at home, right?

A Brain Dead Easy Way to Get 20+ FOCUSED Hours a Month

So there’s a reason you’re here. It’s either that you are juggling way too much while working from home and raising kids or you’re seeking a better way to give your children something enriching to do that doesn’t involve another electronic screen. And there’s never been a better time to get better about structuring your day and managing your time better, because most companies are keeping their workforce at home until the end of 2020 – or longer. 

Now you may be wondering what it takes to achieve the peace, productivity and joy in the juggle that you’re looking for, and this is exactly why we conceived of and developed the Woo! Kids Club. I realized we needed to make bringing enriching activities to your kids lives easier than ever. If you’re interested in taking this even further and taking the next step, I’ve put together a special offer as we kick off the very first month of our Woo! Kids Club. This is a new monthly subscription in which we deliver downloadable and reusable activity PDFs to you every Sunday.

Get PDF Kids Activity Pages Delivered to Your Inbox Weekly

PDF Kids Activity Page Subscription

When you are able to have engaging kids activities at your fingertips then you have the freedom and time to yourself to focus on the things that mean the most to you. Once you have the kid friendly content and habit in place then you can get that time you need consistently and reliably. And when you have that effective work at home parent productivity time, it’s freeing, it’s empowering, and it’s pretty darn powerful.

How to Work from Home With Kids Parent Productivity

So that’s what this is about… are you ready to take control of your time as you work from home?

Now at this point, the big question is why would you pay for something that is free all over the internet? And once again, we’re going to go back to what you need most right now: TIME. It takes a LOT of time to get onto the web, search for something you hope your kids will find interesting, or find some printables on Pinterest that you hope don’t cost an arm and a leg. But to do this every day? That time adds up fast!

Our Woo! Kids Club takes all the thinking, all the researching, and all of the planning off of your plate. Doing all that for a week’s worth of activities is another 5 or so hours that you’ll be getting back on top of the many hours a month of focus time we’re delivering with our club activities.

The Woo! Kids Club Enrollment is ONLY Open Until July 27

But before I tell you more about our Woo! Kids Club … I have to warn you…because registration will only open for a week. Since this is a brand new endeavor for me and my team, we want to make sure that we kick it off right and really take care of our founding members

So first off, when you join the Woo! Kids Club, you get:

  1. 12 PDF printable activities each for 5 days a week
  2. Activity calendar
  3. Welcome packet & instructions
  4. Bonus kid’s craft tutorial every week

Use activities to balance parenting kids and working from home

This alone is everything you need to get at least 5  hours every week of focus time. We’ve broken the activities down by age groups: ages 4-5, ages 6-8, and ages 9-11. Each set has completely different, age appropriate games, activities, puzzles, and more. Sample themes include Space Week, Jungle Week, and Kindness week – as well as extended celebrations around holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc.

Printables for Kids Subscription

We have broken up these sets of printables into individual weekly and daily modules so that you can literally print and go. And even if you cancel your subscription later, you’ll still have all of these printables downloaded so you’ll have them forever. This way you’ll be able to go back over the material at your leisure or even hand it off to a grandparent or babysitter. You’ll find that the ability to use the material as often as you like… at your own convenience… is simply priceless.

The bottom line is that we’re going to give you hours and hours of time for both you and your children and you’re going to come out the other end with more time spent on your goals, and kids who can entertain themselves, creatively and willingly. But that’s not enough. I want to take you beyond just knowing… and right into action. So I’m going to give you even more resources that will help you achieve this work at home nirvana.

Free Bonuses That Support Work at Home Parents with Kids

I thought long and hard about how I could make our kids club even better. And I came up with not one, not two, but three amazing bonuses.

1 – You’ll get PDF copies of our 3 most popular time management printables for kids valued at $10. That includes:

  • Our colorful and fun to do lists
  • Our daily, weekly, and monthly planner pages
  • And of course, the reward system that I showed you at the beginning of this video.

2 – You will get a free $30 dollar coupon code to our brand new e-book store, providing even more printable fun for your kids if you happen to need more than an hour on any given day. Every book we’ve published will be available in our book store, and you can let your kids choose whatever titles they want the most.

3 – You will receive 2 FREE weeks of Woo! Kids Club content valued at $15 with your first month’s subscription. No risk! If our printable busy bundles are not right for you, just cancel by July 31 – your card will not be charged AND you get to keep all of the PDFs you received in your trial!

Time Management for Kids Printables

So by now, you’re probably wondering what the cost for the Woo! Kids Club will be. Your investment is basically $1 dollar a day – just $30 a month. And we offer massive discount for multiple children in different age brackets!

Remember, if you want that extra 20 hours a month to focus on your goals, then you have to intentionally set up the structures to create that time for yourself. Think about how your life will be different if you commit to putting this simple system into place.

Remember, we’re only opening enrollment in the Woo! Kids Club for a few days – and then we close down registration on July 27 and start. If you want to get in, then you need to act quickly… because the registration window is never open long. However, if you miss out… well, please don’t freak out or anything – the odds are pretty good that I’ll open another enrollment in another 3-4 months. If you’re not ready to step up today, then maybe when it opens again will be the right time.

One last thing… I am not some time management magician. I just stumbled onto a discovery – more than several years ago that has now evolved into the Woo! Kids Club. The result is a method, a system, a process that can be applied very successfully over and over. If you’re ready to rock your work at home parent productivity and rock your kids’ creativity, then your next step is to click the order button below and get registered for the Woo! Kids Club.

Enroll in Woo! Kids Club and say yes to 20 hours all to yourself – and you have my permission to be absolutely selfish with whatever you want to do with those 20 hours. Click the button below and join us now. This is your time, and we’d love to serve you in this crazy pandemic and help you make the most of the time you have working at home.

Enrollment in our Woo! Kids Club is currently closed.

We suggest shopping our PDF Activity E-Book Store for having hundreds of pages of kids activities at your fingertips!