Woo! Jr. Kids Activities is now IN PRINT!

We have big, big, BIG NEWS here at Woo! Jr.!
Woo! Jr. Kids Activities Workbooks

We are super-duper excited to announce our first two books of worksheets for kids – Word Searches for Kids Ages 6-8 and Word Searches for Kids Ages 9-12!!

These are real, live books, not PDFs or printables! But we know that our readers typically need to be able to print or reproduce our worksheets, so these books come with REPRODUCIBLE rights to photocopy the pages as needed for classroom, day care, or homeschool use! We have always been generous with the free resources around here, and also generous with the rights to print as many of our worksheets as needed for every class size. Our books continue that generosity!

Word Searches for Kids Ages 6-8 is filled with easy words, 8 letters or less. It’s large print, and contains 90 word search puzzles that are perfect for introducing your kids to word searches. Plus each puzzle is based on an educational vocabulary list that you can use to incorporate into other lessons.

Word Searches for Kids Ages 9-12 contains almost 150 word puzzles that are significantly more challenging that the first volume. In fact, if you have older children (or adults!!) that love word searches, these are difficult enough to keep them searching for hours on end.

NEW!! These two books have been so popular we added a third title!

Expert Word Searches for Kids Ages 9 & Up: Really difficult word searches for the true find-a-word fanatics! Included are 85 word search puzzles, each with 30 words hidden in 1400 letter grids.

Both books are a fantastic screen-free resource you can use year round – even in the summer for rainy days or travel games. Buying our books helps us directly to create new content here on the Woo! Jr. Kids Activities site, too! It’s a win-win!!

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