Winter Snowy Owl Art Project

Let’s learn how to make this Winter Snowy Owl Art Project! This Winter craft is fun and easy to make. You can use DIY Snow Paint, textured snow paint, or inexpensive white craft paint for this winter project! We love versatile projects. Now, let’s get started!

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Winter Snowy Owl Art Project


  • 1 Sheet of Blue Construction Paper.
  • White Paint – Craft, DIY Snow, or Textured Snow Paint.
  • Yellow or Orange and Black Scrap Construction Paper. 
  • Sharpie or Black Marker.
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Paint Brushes or Q-Tips

Begin this winter art project by drawing two circles near the bottom of the blue construction paper.

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One circle will be slightly larger than the other. The larger circle is the body of the owl and should be on the bottom.

The smaller circle is the owl’s head, and needs to be on top of the larger circle.

Now, use a paint brush or q-tip to dab the white paint onto the circles. I used an older paint brush and swirled the paint onto the circles to mimic fluffy bird feathers. You could use a feather to paint this part too.

Then, take a q-tip or the end of your paint brush and add paint around the owl.

Next, cut two small yellow or orange circles and a small triangle. Set them aside.

Then, cut two slightly smaller black circles.

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After the paint has fully dried, use a glue stick to add the eyes and beak to the owl. First, glue the orange or yellow circles on the owl’s head. Then, add the black circles on top of the orange or yellow ones. Finally, glue the beak onto the owl’s head.

Now, use a marker to add legs and feet to the owl. I drew two straight lines under the middle of the owl’s body. Then I drew an upside down v on the bottom of each straight line.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed creating a beautiful Winter scene with a darling Snowy Owl!

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