Winter Math Worksheets – Patterns, Addition Coloring and Greater Than / Less Than

Here’s a brand new set of winter math worksheets, perfect for Kindergarten and first grade students! They are fun, colorful, and easy enough to teach math concepts to beginner level kids.

Winter Pattern Recognition Worksheets

The first set is pattern recognition. For children who aren’t comfortable with drawing the correct shape into the pattern, you can have them circle the correct shape instead. Alternatively, you can print two copies of each page, and they can cut out the shapes to paste onto the worksheets.

Download these now in our Winter Activity Bundle filled with 160+ pages of entertainment for those colder months!

Addition Math Coloring Pages

Our second set of worksheets are single-digit addition, with sums under the number ten – perfect for students who are just starting to add.

Greater Than, Less Than or Equal Worksheets

Our third set contains both single and double digit greater than / less than math problems with snowmen, snowballs, penguins and mittens!

18 K - 1st Grade Winter Math Worksheets

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