Wind Sock Craft for Spring

It’s nearly Spring, and that means it’s time to start working on all of the Spring crafts! One of my bucket list trips is to visit Washington DC for the cherry blossom festival. I am sure that pictures can’t do the beauty justice. But, until I can visit in person, I will make a pretty cherry blossom wind sock craft!

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Wind Sock Craft

Paper Tube Craft:

  • Paper Tube.
  • Pink, white, and green tissue paper.
  • School glue.
  • Yarn or twine. 
  • Scissors.
  • Optional – paint or construction paper, or crepe paper.

This pretty little craft is a great art project for Spring and Weather related lesson plans. And, it’s a fun way to get little ones to work on fine motor skills.  You can also take this time to teach the children about the Cherry Blossom Trees in Washington, DC. 

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Let’s get started on this cute little craft project! Firstly, gather all of your supplies. This will make crafting a lot easier.

Begin by cutting the paper tube. I cut mine to about 4 inches. Now, you can paint or cover your paper tube with construction paper. However, I covered mine with some of the extra tissue paper I had.

Next, tear or cut the tissue paper into small squares.  

Then, slightly crumple the tissue paper and glue it onto the paper tube.  

After you have decorated the paper tube with tissue paper, glue streamers to the inside of one end of the windsock craft.

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Finally, tie a small piece of yarn or twine on the opposite end of the paper tube so it can be hung outside. 

That’s it! This is such a fun activity to develop fine motor skills, and celebrate Spring. And, I hope it has inspired you to create a paper tube wind sock craft with your little ones! 

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