Weekly BuJo Layouts For Teens

Hi Everyone! I’m so happy to be back to share more bullet journaling with you. Today I’m going to share some easy weekly bullet journal layouts that you can easily customize to your own style, and that only require basic supplies. I love incorporating lots of fun art supplies into journals, but want to only share supplies that nearly everyone has in their home right now.

Weekly Bullet Journal Layouts For Teens

I’ll show you step by step how to make each layout, although the general process is the same. ALWAYS start with a pencil sketch, then go over with a pen, erase the pencil lines, and add any color!

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Weekly Bullet Journal Layouts For Teens

Supplies For All:

  • Bullet Journal
  • Markers (I like Crayola Supertips)
  • Highlighters (I prefer Zebra Mildliners)
  • Pencil
  • Pen (Sakura Pigma Micron Pens are the best for line drawing)
  • Straight edge or ruler
  • Good eraser

This first layout is super cute, especially if you like photography. Start by sketching seven boxes across your page. I like them slightly taller than they are wider. Now you’re going to draw a square inside the box, leaving a larger section at the bottom. Yep! They’re polaroids! Now draw two curved lines above the tops of the photos. This is the wire they’re hanging on.

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To make clips, just draw thin long rectangles that go over both the top of the photo and the line. I also made a third little photo at the top hanging from another line to be where I can write the month. When you have the pencil sketch looking good, go ahead and trace over everything with your pen. Make sure to think about what the objects look like in real life. You wouldn’t see the wire through the middle of the clip, so make sure to not draw that part with your pen.

Here’s the basic pen drawing all finished. Now I like to go in with my pencil and write where I want all the letting to be. Then I go over the lettering with pen. Give it a minute or two to make sure it’s all dry, and then I erase all of the pencil lines with my eraser.

It’s time to add some color! Grab a light to medium gray marker or highlighter. Then draw a line on one side and the bottom of each photo to create a drop shadow. Adding drop shadows is a great way to show dimension and life in your drawings.

Using a light brown marker I colored in the clips, and then added drop shadows to the clips and the wire line. Now all you need to do is add some dots in the photos to write your to-do’s!

Weekly Bullet Journal Layouts For Teens

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And you’re all done with your first layout! Making weekly bullet journal layouts that look professional is really easy once your learn a few techniques. On to the next one!

Let’s do something a bit more natural this time, and play with leaves. Leaves are great because it gives you a way to do a nature themed layout without knowing how to draw flowers! Start by drawing seven boxes for the days of the week, and add an extra box to mark the month if you’d like. I then drew a long rectangle at the top of the box that will be for the day of the week.

Now you just draw wavy lines across the page. Some can go behind the boxes, and others can go just over the corners. Add your leaves now, drawing them in whatever shape you would like. I make some of my leaves go over the edges of the boxes.

When you’re happy with your drawing, go your big boxes with pen. Make sure not to go through the day of the week boxes or any of your leaves with a pen line. Color in your day of the week boxes, and then erase the pencil lines around them.

Now trace over your vines with your marker, and then color in your leaves.

Erase your pencil lines around your leaves and vines. I know it’s a lot of erasing, so be patient! Then add in your month box and label the tops of all your days.

Weekly Bullet Journal Layouts For Teens

You finished another layout! You can always add flowers, cute animals, or bugs if you want to!

For this last layout, I’m not going to give a step by step on how I did the center drawing. I literally just started with a diamond shape in the center and then drew a bunch of geometric shapes and lines coming from that. You can put anything you want in the center of this page. Flowers, cute doodles, a giant coffee cup, it’s up to you! Just keep it tall and fairly thin so you have enough room to write your to-do’s in.

Once the center drawing is done, make two horizontal lines across both pages, diving them into three equal sections. In the last section on the second page, split that in half with a vertical line, because that’s our weekend.

You can label these sections with any type of header you would like. I kept it simple and drew a long box with my markers, with a colored line coming off of it and going across the page. Then I defined the top and left side of the box with my pen, and wrote in the days of the week.

Next I went over the pencil drawing in the center with my pen, and erased all of my pencil lines. All there is to do is color in the drawing now.

Weekly Bullet Journal Layouts For Teens

And you’re done! My original plan for this page was to make it look like 1920’s design. But as art doesn’t always turn out the way we plan, it came out as more of an Aztec design. But it still looks really cool.

I hope you enjoy trying these weekly bullet journal layouts and making them your own!

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