Water Color Winter Hat Kids’ Art Project

Winter is here, and I loved teaching my little scholars about weather around the world each season. Since I taught in Florida, we rarely needed winter outerwear. But, we loved making winter gear art. And this water color painted winter hat art project was always one of their favorites!

Water Color Winter Hat Kids' Art Project

Winter Hat Art Project for Kids

Here are six more winter art projects for kids!

Water Color Painted Winter Hat Supplies:

  • Cardstock.
  • White crayon. Alternatively you can also use school glue to create the resist effect.
  • Sharpie or marker.
  • Water color paint.

This is such a fun way for your little learners to learn about paint resist, develop fine motor skills, and learn about weather and the seasons.

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Let’s get started on this Water Color Winter Art Project! First, gather all of your supplies. This will make crafting a lot easier.

Begin by drawing a winter hat on a piece of cardstock with a sharpie or marker. You can hand draw each hat or photocopy as many as you need. As a challenge for kids, remind them that drawing a hat uses 3 basic shapes: a circle for the pom pom, half an oval for the hat, and a rectangle for the brim. 

Now, have your little ones draw winter symbols and designs on the card stock with their white crayons. We traced the edges with a white crayon too.


Then, paint the hat outline with water color paint.  

While the paint dries, read a book about the seasons or let your little ones play with fake snow.  

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Water Color Winter Kids' Art Project

That’s it! This is such a pretty art project that would make a beautiful display in the classroom. You can turn this project into an explanation of pattern and color as well! And, I hope it has inspired you to make a Water Color Painted Winter Hat Art Project with your little learners this Winter! 

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