Washington and Lincoln Presidents Day Masks

Let’s learn how to make these adorable Washington and Lincoln Presidents Day Masks! This activity is as darling as it is easy to make. We love fun and educational projects. Let’s get started!

Washington and Lincoln Presidents Day Masks

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Washington and Lincoln Presidents Day Masks


  • 1 Paper plate for each mask. 
  • Blue and black construction paper. 
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Cotton Balls.
  • Pencil.

Begin this fun President’s Day Activity by cutting out the center of each paper plate. Then set the plates aside.

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Next, cut out a large “W” shape out of the blue construction paper. This will be President Washington’s hat.

Now, draw a top hat on the black paper. Then, add a hairline and Lincoln’s beard under the hat.

Once you have the outline drawn, cut around the edge, and cut out the center where the face is.  You can trim it to fit the plate better, or even trim the plate if you need to.

Now you can assemble the masks.

Add glue to the top of one of the paper plates. You can use a paint brush to spread the glue more evenly. Add Washington’s hat to the plate. Then, add cotton balls around the bottom of the hat to mimic President Washington’s curls.

President Lincoln’s mask is even easier to make!

Place the hat and beard cut out on top of the paper plate, and trim the plate or hat and beard as necessary.

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Next, add glue around the inner rim of the hat and beard. Then, place the hat and beard to the plate.

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That’s it! We really had so much fun making these presidential masks, and I hope you do too!

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