Washi Tape Wood Initial Craft

Washi Tape Wood Initial Craft

Washi Tape Wood Initial Craft

Hi everyone! Today I’m showing you how to make this Washi Tape Wood Initial Craft! It’s a quick and pretty addition to any room. Let’s get started!


  • Wood or MDF initial. Mine came pre-painted, but if yours isn’t, you’ll need to paint it completely white.
  • Washi Tape. As many colors or patterns as you’d like.
  • Craft knife.

First, make sure your initial letter is totally white. Washi tape is translucent, and it needs a white background for the colors to pop. You can purchase an initial that’s already white, or use acrylic craft paint to paint your initial. Make sure it’s completely dry for several hours before adding your wash tape. You may need to peel up and reposition the tape at times, and fresh paint will stick to the tape and not your letter.

Pick out you colors and patterns of washi tape. I went with bright spring colors in a rainbow pattern, but you can make it match whatever you’d like to. You also need to think up whether you’d like your stripes to be diagonal, horizontal, or vertical. I went with diagonal. Designing your initial is much harder than actually making it!

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Once you have your design, start placing your strips down in order. Make sure the sides go over the edges of the letter, and make sure each piece of tape touches, but doesn’t overlap, the next.

Keep laying down each piece of tape in order. If you get to any holes in your letter, like in my B, just put down two short strips instead of one long one. Just make sure there’s a bit of overhang like on the outside of the letter. Finish up laying down all your strips. When they’re all in place, smooth them all down and run a finger along all the edges to make sure they’re firmly adhered.

Place your letter face up on a cut-proof surface, just in case the blade slips. Take your craft knife, and carefully trim along all the edges of your letter. The knife should slide very easily through the washi tape. Make sure all the edges are nice and trim, and you’re all done!

This Washi Tape Wood Initial Craft is so quick and easy to make that it’s a perfect addition to your seasonal decorations. I also love this idea for a kids room, because you can match it to their room colors and easily do their whole name as well.

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