Washi Tape and Post It Wall Calendar

Washi Tape & Post It Wall Calendar

Hi everyone! If you need a little extra organization and do best when your schedule is right in front of you, this Washi Tape and Post It Wall Calendar is the perfect project! It’s an easy way to create a wall calendar that’s customizable, great for rentals, and inexpensive. Let’s get started!

Use the washi tape to make DIY ‘wallpaper’ in the same area, or to decorate your keyboard, too!


  • Washi tape
  • Post its
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Permanent marker
  • Pen
  • Level (optional)

You’re going to start by making the outer box for your calendar. I did the math for you (you’re welcome!) assuming you’re using standard 3 inch post its and standard 3/4 inch washi tape. If you’re using different sizes, you’ll have to do the math yourself or just wing it! Put a 27 inch long strip of washi tape horizontally on your wall where you want the top of your calendar to be. Then, overlapping the corners, put a 19.5 inch piece of washi tape straight down from this. Use a level if necessary to help keep the lines straight.

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Now just do the second vertical piece and then put on the bottom line. The rest is easy! Just line up 7 post its inside the box evenly, leaving at least 3/4 inch between each post it.

Put your washi tape up at the top between the two post its, and move that post it down to the bottom. Roll the washi tape all the way down, using the bottom post it to make sure the line is even. If you run out of tape partway through like I did, just find one that coordinates with the rest of your colors. The black washi tape separates weekdays. Keep going until all your columns are done.

You’re going to make your rows the same way! I make 5 rows, and use thinner pink tape to separate the weeks. You can make it all the same if you like, but my brain works best with different colors. Then take a plain washi tape and put short pieces above each column so we can label the days.

Use your permanent marker to label your tape with the days of the week. Now you’re just going to fill in all the spaces that there are days in the month with your post its.

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All you need to do now is to write the date on each post it. I write them directly on the post its in case a curious toddler decides to rearrange the post its, or I decide to put one in my purse so I have a list of all the places I need to be that day on hand. Then just add your appointments and your must do’s for that day, and you’re all done! I hope you find this Washi Tape & Post It Wall Calendar as useful as I do! This is also great as a family calendar so everyone knows what everyone else is up to that month!

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