Vintage Easter Paper Toys and Pictures

Completed Vintage Easter Paper Toy Set

Completed Vintage Easter Paper Toy Set

Most of you probably don’t know that I am a voracious collector of many kids of antiques and vintage items. Primarily I collect dishes, figurines, enamelware, and vintage fabrics. But most of all, I collect vintage paper items: books, magazines, scrapbooks, postcards, and greeting cards (more on that below!). Most of the items are a little too ‘grown up’ to share with you on any of the Woo! Jr. sites, but this one is just perfect for kids!

Below is a printable page of an adorable Vintage Easter scene, with four stand-up bunnies along with a rabbit hutch. It comes from an April, 1914 issue of McCall’s magazine, and was included just for the children of their regular readers. All you need to make it is scissors and some glue. The cutting may be a little tricky for younger children, in which case I recommend letting them simply cut out the shapes while leaving some white space around the lines. Mom or Dad may have to cut out the hutch, though, because the assembly on that piece requires that you cut the pieces out on the lines.

For those of you who haven’t heard, I’ve started a new website called Vintage Fangirl, with vintage printables and crafts from a wide variety of sources, including from my own personal antique ephemera collection. It’s kind of like a Woo! Jr. for grownups! Currently I’m in the midst of running a series of 25 Days of Easter Pictures, and I’ve included some of the highlights of images in the series below. All the images on my new site are free, just like they are here!

Just click on the thumbnails to go to the full page size vintage Easter pictures and clip art!

If you make any crafts with them, please let me know via the contact page because I’d love to feature your work!

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  1. Ribambins


    Thank you for sharing. The kids had fun putting this up. We posted a picture of their work with a link to your post.
    I wonder if someone will manage to gather all early Mccall’s cut-outs. There are so many gems.

    happy Easter!

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