Valentine’s Day Paper Bag Puppets

Add these darling Valentine’s Day paper bag puppets to your craft line up for February. These charming little critters will make the perfect addition for your young puppeteer’s Valentine’s Day production. Print one already in color, or choose a favorite Valentine character to color using your favorite marker or crayon.  This craft is easy for toddlers and PreKer’s too. It provides great coloring and cutting practice, and the puppets are so fun to accessorize with stickers, glitter, googly eyes and even a little washi tape.

Valentine's Day Paper Bag Puppets

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Valentine’s Day Paper Bag Puppets

You’ll need: Scissors, the printed puppets (below), and a brown or white paper lunch bag for each puppet you want to make.

How to Make: Color your chosen animal and cut out both pieces. Glue the body to the sides of an upside down paper bag as shown in the diagram below. You want the top of the body to line up with the literal bottom of the bag that is folded down. Then line up the head over the body to glue in place.

Valentine's Day Paper Bag Puppets

If you haven’t already, also check out our adorable Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar. It’s a super simple craft and is an exciting countdown for the special day. (You’ll have extra paper bags from your puppets, perfect for this project too.)

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