Valentine’s Day Heart Art Project for Little Kids

Let’s learn how to make this fun Valentine’s Day Heart Art Project for Little Kids! This art project is so fun and easy to make. It’s easy enough for older toddlers to make with adult assistance, and fun enough for kids up through kindergarten. We wanted to add heart stamps to everything! We love simple projects. Let’s get started!

Valentine's Day Heart Art Project for Little Kids

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Valentine’s Day Heart Art Project for Little Kids


  • 1 paper towel or toilet paper tube.
  • Construction paper. 
  • Scissors.
  • Red paint and a paper plate or other pallet.

This project was so fun and easy! Just about anyone can do it, and it will be awesome. Start by cutting your paper towel tube in half. Then, carefully fold it to make a heart shape. Crease the bottom point and top middle of the heart, but not the sides.

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Once you’re happy with your heart shaped tube, set it aside and add some paint to the paper plate pallet.

Next, carefully dip the paper tube into the paint, like you would with a stamp and ink. A little goes a long way.

Finally, fill your paper with hearts! This would be an awesome homemade wrapping paper project too! How cute would it be to get a gift wrapped in paper like this? Or, you could make an oval shape with the paper tube and create Easter eggs. Truly the sky is the limit with this darling art project.

That’s it! I truly hope you enjoyed making your own heart stamp art project!

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