Valentine Mailbox Ideas

8 great Valentine’s Day Mailbox crafts, most easy enough for preschoolers to be able to do.

8 Valentine Mailbox Ideas

Some are a bit more difficult and might be better as multi-day art projects (popsicle stick mailbox, I’m looking at you!).

Cereal Box Valentine Mailbox

Cereal Box

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Shoebox Valentine Mailboxes Paper plate Valentine Mailboxes Large Laundry Detergent Box Valentine Mailbox Cereal Box Valentine Mailbox

Popsicle Stick Valentine Box Cute Hedgehog Construction Paper Valentine’s Day Mailbox Paper Heart Valentine Baskets Paper Bag Puppy Valentine Bag
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  1. Sarah

    im in the 6th grade and wanted a cool idea for mail boxes so i used the shoe box idea! so fun
    i also did this idea with my 4 year old cousin she loved helping me draw! 🙂

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