Turn a Frame into a Trendy Message Board

Hi there! It’s strange times right now, and we’re all trying to find ways to stay busy at home. I’ve always been a huge fan of repurposing things and supplies I already own, and this is a great time to make the best of what you have. Today I’m going to show you how to turn a frame into a trendy message board!

You can use any size or shape frame you have, and please use whatever supplies you have at home. I provide a list of what I used to create a trendy galaxy themed board, but you can use whatever paint, paper, or other supplies you have on hand. The only thing that is a requirement is the frame having glass or a clear plastic front so it can function as a dry erase board. Let’s get started!

Turn a Frame into a Trendy Message Board

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  • Old picture frame. Any size or shape, with a mat or not.
  • Paint. Pink, blue, purple, and white for a galaxy frame. (And black if you frame is another color)
  • Washi tape in a coordinating color if you have a mat to cover.
  • Scrapbook paper. A 12×12 sheet worked perfect in this frame, but use what you have.
  • Paper towel¬†
  • Super tiny paint brush or a toothpick
  • Dry erase marker (for writing on your board)

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Start by taking the back, mat, and glass out of your frame. If you’re younger, have an adult help with removing the glass! If your frame is not already black, go ahead and paint two coats of black paint on your frame and let it dry completely. Or, you can do this technique on top of the frame color you have a see what happens! Place a blob of your blue, pink, purple, and white paints on a palette or paper plate. Take a small piece of paper towel and crumple it up. dip it in your paint, and stamp it all across your frame.

Make sure to get the front, the outside of the frame, and the inside edge. Let it dry for just a couple minutes, and then repeat with your pink and purple paints. Now you can take your tiny paint brush (or a toothpick, or even a pin) and dip it into your white paint.

Go ahead and make random little dots and stars! The easiest way to make a star for a galaxy is to make a small white X, and then a smaller + in the middle! Decorate your frame with as many stars as you’d like!

While your frame is drying, you can decorate your mat if you have one. If your frame didn’t come with a mat, then just skip this part! I just covered mine with dark blue washi tape, but you can use a pattern or just leave it as is.

When your frame is dry, turn it over. Put the glass back in.

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Then put the mat in face down, followed by the piece of scrapbook paper. Make sure the design is facing the way you want it to be in the frame! Place the backing on the frame and secure it with the tabs (or however it holds in place.) And you’re all done!

Turn a Frame into a Trendy Message Board

We divided ours into three sections, one for school work, one for chores, and a note area so we remember what personal behavior we’re working on that day! Message boards and dry erase boards are great for keeping yourself organized, and staying organized is so much more fun when it’s cute too!

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